Sunday, 17 February 2013

Back into the wall

So I was back into the climbing wall (roperace)yesterday with my girlfriend and dad (Ed) for a small session after getting back from Norway.

 Thankfully they had reset all the routes in the bouldering room, so that was good to come back to and they've done a great job. I also got told I came second in last months bouldering ladder so that was cool.... 1st this month!!!!

 We started of with a bit of bouldering to get warmed up and I went through some basic climbing movements and skills with Melissa as she's new to climbing.

Once the blood was flowing we got out onto the main walls and after a few routes we broke out the schmoolz ( see for further details)  and I got on to the big overhang to practise my figure fours and stamina on roofs. After a good forearm burning blitz on the schmoolz I got the rope out and lead a few routes to finish off the session as I could see Melissa was getting tired.

I'm now in a hotel room in Prestatyn working away till Wednesday, so it's hotel room fitness workouts till I get back. Whoop whoop.