Sunday, 10 March 2013

A good reason for an alibi

I recently had a an issue with my old mamut gloves whilst drytooling at the works, which led me to throw them away in a rage. Without realising I needed a set of gloves for a trip I had planned to Ben Nevis the following week.
I ended up buying a pair of alibi 2s from The outside shop  in hathersage, 
they were £52 on sale from £65 (result).

Although this wasn't the best choose of glove for Scottish winter climbing 
I also took with me a pair of extremities, which were water proof and a good
warm belay glove. 

Thankfully the conditions were incredible and the gloves were ideal, I found 
them great on the Technical sections of the climbing with the tight fit & there
dexterity was great for placing gear Like ice screws and small wire. They were
also brilliant for setting up belays as there was no Issue tying off or doing up
screw gates because of there superior dexterity over many over gloves. 

However the second day out was wet (see vanishing gully post) and they in 
turn where extremely wet to as they are not Water proof in any way. Luckily
 for me it wasn't that cold andthe insulation they provided was More than
sufficient and I didn't suffer with cold hands what so ever, which was great.

I wouldn't recommend the alibi 2s for Scottish winter unless you're very lucky 
with conditions, but they are Brilliant glove for steep technical ice climbing or
drytooling. Ideally you want to use they in dry conditions 
But they do still keep you're hand quite warm even when wet, as long as you keep active.