Saturday, 16 March 2013

Green gully fun.

Another successful trip completed by the Dalton and son climbing duo. Today we set off with the intention of doing green gullly IV 4 *** and on the intial walk from the cic it was looking good.
From the get go from the CIC hut we had no fresh tracks in front of us (which i  was very happy about) and the weather was looking perfect, blue clear sky & no wind. The only problem was the snow as it was like little polystyrene balls under youre feet once you broke through the intial thin crust which didnt fill us with confidence.
With the sketchy snow conditions in mind we treaded carefully and made our way upto the base of the route,which is located inbetween the comb and number three buttress.
After the customery brew we set off up the first pitch which i led. The ice on the route was in great nic abit stepped out but solid ice, there must have been heavy snow over the last few days as all the hooks and the slopes had been filled with deep powder.
Trying to find belays was intresting as we had to dig out the ice and snow from all the cracks to find anything worth using.
It was eds first trip to the ben and he really enjoyed it. He did the second and last pitch which he had an fun time getting through the cornice at the top (hahaha)
I did the crux pitch which had a great vertical section of about 30ft, which could be avoided to the left if you wernt keen.
All the pitchs on this route had good climbing, intresting climbing and rightly so has three stars. Its also good that it finishs on top to which helps with getting down.
Hopefully this amazing winter season isnt over just yet and we can get back before the winter gates are closed on this iconic mountain and its spectacular routes.
Many thanks to ukc member yorksclimb67 for his post on wanting to do the route and giving us the motorvation to get up at 4am and get up there before anyone else.