Thursday, 5 September 2013

Climbing the Blackpool Towers.

Last nights training session took me to the climbing towers in Blackpool, for more info go to blackpool climbing site.
  tonight's session was just me and Andy, we started of with a quick warm up, the usual stretches and a bit of cardio to get the blood flowing, then onto the wall.
Andy led the first route like he does, making it look easy and flowing from one move to the next with amazing strength, i seconded up and for the first time made it to the top of the 25m route, needless to say i was quite happy as my last attempt had only seen me to halfway.
Andy then did a back to back lead and i followed up with my first lead on this impending and very high structure, i managed to get halfway before over gripping and forgetting to breath properly took its toll and i got to around half height before muscle pump kicked in.

once we had finished on the routes we got stuck into the circuits, i did 3 minutes sets and Andy did 4 minutes, which we did four times then had a rest and then repeated.
by the time we had finished my arms were throbbing. great training tho  feels great.